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Photo gallery & video gallery changes

A while back, I announced that we removed our personal photo gallery for security and privacy reasons. I’ve since been using Picasa’s Web Gallery provided by Google. I’m happy with a lot of their features, including facial recognition and grouping. As a matter of fact, the facial recognition works better than the one built into iPhoto… (that’s a topic for my other blog).  After playing around with other solutions, I really like using Picasa’s web gallery.  I have found a way to upload directly from iPhoto and so that’s where all our family photos will be.  There are lots of galleries, but most are private.  If you want to receive updates from me, send me an email – philip.sellers at gmail.com – and I’ll add you so you receive photos when I send them out.

And because I’ve chosen to put all the photos out there, I’ve decided to use the MobileMe gallery for videos.  I got a lot of feedback that the MobileMe photo galleries didn’t work so well, so I abandoned it for that, but I think the way it does videos and the fact that it integrates so well with my iMovie software, I’m going to continue to post my videos there.  I’ll also be uploading them to YouTube – but the MobileMe gallery will have better quality copies.  I hope to buy a new hard-disk based HD video camera soon – maybe for Christmas if all works out.


Gallery down

So, maybe I watch too much TV.  But, I’ve made the decision to remove our online photo gallery from this site and instead share our photos using PicasaWeb and the MobileMe Web Galleries.  These both have features for us to protect and share our photos with family and friends, while maintaining some privacy.  I want to ensure that Peyton is protected and photos of her aren’t just floating online for anyone to see.  I hope everyone understands.  If you’d like to get access to the Picasa gallery and you know me, just email me and I can share it to you…

Saving the family history

A while back, I started a project on a very cool site called Geni.com.  Geni.com lets you document  your family tree with a Facebook kind of twist.  It takes geneology and makes it social.  Gone are the days of endless research alone trying to piece together details of our family’s history and welcomed are the days of online collaboration by all the members of your tree to help document it together.   The concept is amazing.  I have a few aunts and uncles who have joined along with some of my cousins who are helping to add people to the tree and grow it.  

This weekend, I finally got to do something I have been itching to do for a while.  My family has a lot of old photos that would be awful to lose.  Most of these photos are from the 1950’s or before and there are some that I’ve never really even seen.  My granny has lots of them stored in photo albums that she guards.  So, this past weekend, I took my computer and scanner (which I bought specially to be able to travel with) up and got high resolution copies of many of the photos.  I’m now working my way through touching them up and posting them in Geni.com.  The one down side is that Geni.com only stores low resolution copies, but it will allow all the folks on the tree to see them if they’d like.  I hope to one day have a repository of the high resolution copies for family members to be able to download or make prints from.   More to come.