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Hurdles cleared, now we begin making new plans

Over the past few weeks, we have been busily making plans since accepting our offer.  We have been looking at rentals and trying to make plans about where we go next and what we do next.  All of those plans have been tentative, at best, since we were waiting for the home inspection, the appraisal and other reports to come in on our current house.

We have finished the home inspection, which as we expected, turned up only a few minor items.  Many of those items are repaired already and all of those should be addressed by end of next week.

The appraiser has been onsite, and we have not heard anything from the buyer’s side, so we assume that all is well with the appraisal.

So, that brings us to new plans.  We have located a rental thanks to a co-worker at HTC and  we are looking to taking possession of it around first of next month and begin the moving process.

Now, all that we see left is just setting the closing date, which we hope will be sooner than later.  Jen and I are ready to begin plans on our new chapter in life and get things rolling with a builder and bank.  We are shopping for a financing package, and those are seemingly difficult in today’s economy.  So, with each hurdle we clear, new ones form on the horizon.  This is going to be a long process, I’m sure, but I think we are up to the challenge.


New developments

As we are nearing Christmas, we have a lot of things going on in the Sellers family.  The biggest news will close this afternoon…  Jen and I are buying land.  We don’t have any immediate plans for the land, but we are going to hold on to it and  hopefully build our dream home on it in a few years.  But, we have to wait for the market to come back and find the correct time to sell the house we are in.  

The land buying process has been almost a year and a half in the making.  We had been looking casually for land for about a year even before that, but around September of 2007, we found an 1.75 acres that we were really interested in.  It was near good friends of ours (psuedo-family) and it was enough land that we were happy, but not too much that we’d would be overwhelmed taking care of it…  The area was very nice and it was the last lot in the group to be built on – so the area is as developed as it should ever be.  

After negotiating for a few months with the builder who were selling it as a land/home package, we could never come to an agreement on the home and the price for the custom build.  So, we made an offer for land-only for what we believed the land was worth.  The owners wanted more but we were unwilling and walked away.  Fast-forward to October of this year and the land was for sale as land-only, and for much less than they had previously thought the land was worth.  We made an offer again for the same amount and this time it was accepted.  Thank you sucky economy for something…

Anyways, we close this afternoon on the lot.  Afterwards, Jen and I are going to drive out there and take a couple pictures of the land and of us on our land.  Then we’re treating ourselves to the Right Recipe for dinner as a celebration…  

Once we build, our address will officially change from Conway, SC, to Loris, SC.  And, its much more peaceful out in the country.  Its so quiet…  I absolutely love it and I’m so very excited about this.  Jen is, too.