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Rough ins almost complete this week

This week in updates, we have had a lot of progress not only outside but inside, too.  On the outside, the roofers have completed our roof.  It looks great and we can now imagine how it will look next to the green siding.  Also, the foundation got its finish this week and it looks great (picture below).

Inside, there is a lot of progress.  The electricians began their rough-in and completed it this week.  HVAC rough-in was started and almost complete.  We expect the air handler to be installed in the ceiling today.  All of the duct work was installed and some of the returns were installed last week.

I had a good conversation with the builder last Thursday.  They are expecting structured wiring, security and HVAC rough-ins to be complete and an inspection to occur on Wednesday.  After that — drywall.  We are also expecting vinyl siding to be installed this week.  The roofing crew was getting preliminary measurements as they finished up the roof on Wednesday.  So we expect the job site to be “stocked” with new materials mid-week and alot more progress after that.  Sometime next week, drywall may be complete.  I expect that will take us well over the 50% completed threshold!  So, it is exciting and everything continues to move much faster than expected.


Roof framing is almost complete

This week has proved to be another exciting and progress-filled week with our house.  Thursday marks the beginning of five weeks of our build and the progress made is nothing short of amazing.  We know that things will begin to slow down and visible changes won’t make the kind of “wow” impact that the past five weeks have had, so we are certainly enjoying the “wow” as it comes…

As I blogged earlier, Tuesday began the process of putting the trusses onto the house.  Thursday continued that work and as of today, we have most of the sheeting installed and the framers are working on the last piece of framing — the front dormer.  I spoke with the on-site guy today while I was there and he estimates that 95% of our roof will be completed by the end of the day.

And, as a side note, its extremely hot right now in South Carolina.  The crew was not working on top of the house when I went by around 1pm — they were working inside instead — but even not in direct sunlight, it was really hot outside.  Even standing by and not really working, you just pour sweat.  But, the good news is the humidity isn’t awful, like it can be sometimes here.  Fortunately, everyone is trying to be safe about the progress.

The felt will be laid and the roof will be prepped for shingles next week.  Shortly after that, I expect the house to be fully dried in…  So, lots of progress for us.

Raising a roof

Yesterday, as expected, the crew began raising the roof of our house.  Early in the morning, there was a crain on site to begin placing the trusses on the walls.  By 10am (the first picture below), the main section of the house looked to be in place.  By the time that I made it to the site (shortly after noon), the crew was already gone and all the trusses were lifted in place.

There is still a bit of work to do with the roof before it can be sheeted and ready for felt and shingles.  Most of this work will probably be done by hand with the crew, rather than requiring the crain.

Standing the walls

The crew began standing the walls today for the house. After lunch, when I arrived at the site, I was surprised to find them working on the third side of the house. They are still working on the front of the house, but I suspect that they will move on to interior walls tomorrow. What a difference a day makes!

Update! We went back to the house this evening and found that they had completed several of the interior walls.  I expect (unless weather slows them down) that all interior walls may be in tomorrow!!

Preparing for the slab

This week, everything is heading towards the goal of pouring the concrete slab for our house on Wednesday morning.  Yesterday, the crew was on site laying down plastic vapor barrier between the fill sand and where the concrete will lay.  The plumbing that we had seen over the weekend was complete and all additional plumbing within the rooms will be done in the wall.  The crew was also digging out under the load bearing walls and adding rebar to those areas where a deeper section of concrete would be poured.

Today, we expect an electrician to be by to put in a couple of floor outlets in the living room.  I assume that it’ll only be conduit of some kind installed.  After that, we should have an inspection and once that is complete, the pour should happen tomorrow morning.

I can’t say that this is an exciting week, but I know that once the concrete is poured, we can proceed with walls and that is extremely exciting.  More to come…

Foundation, fill and plumbing

It has been a very busy week out on our property.  At the end of last week, our foundation was nearly complete and over the weekend, Harry (the builder) began putting fill into the block foundation.  On Monday, several more loads of sandy fill were loaded into the foundation and everything was brought up to a level and compacted.

After the fill was mostly complete, the plumbers began digging the fill back out and running the wastewater pipes and supply lines for water in the slab.  As of today, it looks like almost all the plumbing in the foundation is complete.  I see a few supply lines missing, but the plumbers may just not be finished, yet.

The next step is getting the electricians to run the conduit that they will use to bring power to the breaker box, a couple of floor outlets in the living room.  After that, one side of the foundation needs to be blocked (this is the side they are using to load in fill dirt) and then I think we are close to being ready for the slab to be poured.  So things are coming along.  Below are a few photos from this week’s progress.

Building has begun

It has been a few weeks since I have posted an update, but during that time, we have had a lot of activity on our land.  Last week, the builder laid out all the sidewall strings and began digging the footings for the house.  Those were dug and then poured in about a day.  To our surprise last Friday, they had finished those and they were left to dry over the weekend.

On Monday, I received an MMS photo from Tammy while she was on her way out for work.  (Our good friends, The Elvises, will be living behind us and they have been great about sending photos for us as they drive by and see progress.)  On Monday, they had begun laying blocks for our foundation on top of the footings.  By the time that I got there on Monday, they had stopped working for the day (it has been really HOT here!) and they had gotten about two courses of block laid.  By Tuesday lunch, they have finished the perimeter of the house and by Wednesday, they had laid the block for all the porches and landings for the doorways coming into the house.

From talking with the builder and block layer, the next step is to back fill the inside of the blocks with dirt, pack that and then we will be ready to pour the cement slab.  Below are some progress photos from the past week’s worth of work!  We are excited!