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Washington DC trip to see the grands

Sorry for my updates being few and far between.  Life with a two year old is pretty hectic, but I’m just making excuses.  We spent the end of last week in Washington, DC, visiting Jen’s parents.  Peyton had a great time and Grandma and Papa Coffin’s house.  On Friday, we visited the National Zoo and Saturday we visited Gravelly Point Park and National Harbor in Maryland.  We had a great time seeing the grands and spending some time with friends in the area.

I’ve edited together a couple videos from our trip – one from the National Zoo and one from Gravelly Point Park.  I’ve posted them both on YouTube and on our MobileMe gallery (links at the top of the page). Photos from the zoo are here…


Peyton is doing really well.  She’s expanding her vocabulary every day – sometimes to her mother’s and my dislike.  She’s learning a lot and she continues to be very social at daycare.  We have had a couple incidents where she has bitten another child at daycare, but hopefully that won’t be happening again.  She was disciplined both a school and at home and we believe she learned her lesson.  Even when playing now, if Jen or I even seem like we’re biting, she’ll stop us and say “no bite.”

Our baby girl has also developed a big love for animals.  Elephants are her favorite.  She saw her first elephants several months ago at the circus.  We visited the circus again the following month after she begged to see the elephants, again.   So, the visit to the zoo was nice for her to see the elephants.  She also liked the tigers and panda bears.

She’s also mothering her dolls now.  She likes to put them to sleep (under every kitchen towel, sheet, or blankey she owns).  She’s also been heard disciplining them.  I came into the living room one day to find Tigger, her doll, the elephant and a bunny all in “time-out”.  I asked what they had done and they’d bitten (ding, ding – I think she got it!).

There should be more things posted soon.  Jen and I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on June 1.  We don’t have any special plans, as of yet.  No special trip or anything planned, though we’ve got our fingers crossed for maybe making a trip to California in the fall…


Thankful for… 2008 edition

I’m a little late on posting this, mostly because internet access is on short supply in my parents house.  Its only wiffs of signal from the closest AT&T tower, but that only really works in the kitchen, it seems…  But that’s an aside.  We have lots to be thankful for this year.

We are thankful for:

  • Peyton – she is wonderful and sweet.  We love her with everything we have!
  • Our health – we are all healthy and happy with no real issues to speak of
  • Work – both Jen and I have jobs that are doing well and are stable, despite the downturn in the economy
  • Family – we enjoy our wonderful families, and as much as we may complain from time to time about his or that, we both come from very good stock and we are surrounded by great examples of the character we should all strive for.
  • Friends – as much as our family is important, our surrogate family members are just as great and we love them dearly.  We have a great circle of friends to live life with and we enjoy the times we have with them…

Weekend update on dad

We visited with dad yesterday and he is doing extremely well.  His symptoms have disappeared…  The tingling and pain is gone from his arms and shoulders.  He is even seeing improvement with his scoriosis, which came on out of no-where.  I think it may be related to nerve damage or the stress on his spinal cord from the herniated disc, but we’ll see about that.  

He was really happy to see his baby, Peyton, this weekend and get to spend some time with her.   His spirits were good and he had a few visitors while we were there.  I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had breakfast plans this morning with friends who’ll be out of town for a while visiting family in Hawaii, so we came back.

Dad’s neck surgery

This afternoon, my dad had surgery on his neck.  The doctor told us that he had a hurniated disc in his neck that was putting pressure on his spinal cord.  He is doing extremely well and looks to be coming home tomorrow, which is very promising.  He is in good spirits and time will ultimately tell how successful the procedure was…  Just keep us in your prayers.

For everyone who didn’t know about this, my dad has been having back pain for a while.  Its mostly in the upper back and sholders.  He has also developed some tingling and numbness in his arms.  Its worse on his right arm, but also affects his left.  I heard more today than I had previously while he was telling the nurses in pre-op about the problems.  Turns out his GP was blaming diabetes and arthritis for the pain and problems, but dad requested more to be done and was sent to have an MRI in Pinehurst.  The MRI showed that he had a herniated disc and he was referred to a doctor in Florence, and went in for his first visit on last Thursday.  The doctor showed him exactly the problem and gave him his options.  Basically, though, he stressed that dad should have an operation as quickly as possible.  The doctor primarly operates with McLeod Regional Medical in Florence, but couldn’t get dad into surgery until late in September, so he called the other major hospital there and booked it for today.  

Its really a wonder that dad has been as functional as he has and that he hasn’t had more major problems than he has had from looking at the disc.  Mom and I were able to see the MRI (which was on CD) over the weekend and it looked scary.  But hopefully he is on the road to recovery now…  more soon…

Saving the family history

A while back, I started a project on a very cool site called Geni.com.  Geni.com lets you document  your family tree with a Facebook kind of twist.  It takes geneology and makes it social.  Gone are the days of endless research alone trying to piece together details of our family’s history and welcomed are the days of online collaboration by all the members of your tree to help document it together.   The concept is amazing.  I have a few aunts and uncles who have joined along with some of my cousins who are helping to add people to the tree and grow it.  

This weekend, I finally got to do something I have been itching to do for a while.  My family has a lot of old photos that would be awful to lose.  Most of these photos are from the 1950’s or before and there are some that I’ve never really even seen.  My granny has lots of them stored in photo albums that she guards.  So, this past weekend, I took my computer and scanner (which I bought specially to be able to travel with) up and got high resolution copies of many of the photos.  I’m now working my way through touching them up and posting them in Geni.com.  The one down side is that Geni.com only stores low resolution copies, but it will allow all the folks on the tree to see them if they’d like.  I hope to one day have a repository of the high resolution copies for family members to be able to download or make prints from.   More to come.