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Extreme Makeover Returns, My House Waits

The Extreme Makeover Home Edition will knock on a deserving family’s door on Monday for the second time in Horry County.  The entire county is buzzing about the news and ready for a positive project to help someone in the community. This cold weather seems to have gotten everyone down, but next week will be warm and uplifting. Every time I run into someone asking about the build, I direct them to the website hoping they will volunteer to help. This house must be built in 106 hours, so the more volunteers the better.

During the event, the United Way is collecting canned food throughout the county to support local food pantries.  The goal is 100 tons of canned food! We have collection bins at our office at the Horry County Solid Waste Authority and will be expanding to collect at the recycling centers. Our company will also be helping in recycling efforts during the build while also pitching in volunteer work wherever needed.

I’m looking forward to seeing Sterling Homes – Harry Dill and Clinch Heyward and their team – bless another family in our area. I’ve never seen such compassionate hearts as I have with these guys. I look forward to the build and the whole experience!

All of the information about the food drive and the build is online at Extreme Horry.

While this project is going on, our house project is on hold.