Its Official!

Well, its official.  We had our first doctor’s visit this morning and Jen is 5 weeks and 6 days along.  Everything is developing well.  The doctor said that its just the embreo sack and the yolk.  The baby is 1.22 cm, today.  He tells us that we’ll be able to see the baby and the heartbeat at our next visit on March 27.  This is a picture from the ultrasound.  The doctor says that the due date is November 14 – which is Randi’s (Shawn & Tara’s baby’s) birthday. 


5 Weeks, 6 Days 5 weeks


Tomorrow is the big day…

Well, tomorrow is the big day.  We get to have the real test and ask all the questions we’ve been ready to ask.  No more secret after tomorrow, so we’ll be able to call and tell everyone.  I can’t wait to call my Grandma Hancock and Grannie Sellers and I know Jen is ready to call and her Grand-dad.  We’ll get to call and tell all of the family too.  I talked with mom the other night and she said they’re ready to tell too…  We’re probably just being too protective, but we just want to make sure everything is okay and that its really true first…

We were told they may do the first ultrasound tomorrow, so maybe we’ll have some pictures to post…

Finally got to tell Trina!

I just got off the phone with Trina. I finally got to share the news.  She was excited for us and was gonna call Brett.  I wish we could have told them in person.  I love getting to see the reaction, but it doesn’t look like we can get together so I didn’t want them to hear it from someone else. 

Thursday can’t come soon enough! 

Monday’s update

Tara gave me the bible of pregnancy, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” and I’m so thankful for something to read. It’s been a big help in defining moments of what to eat and what to expect and what to learn. Thanks girl!

Lately, I’ve been smelling things nobody else smells during random times of the day – like melted butter at Tammy’s party last night, popcorn while peeing for the 20th time during the day, and my personal favorite, seafood caserole while working at the landfill today. Maybe that last one was really there because of where I work! Ha!

So I told one more person today, Nancy Greene, my friend from my old job – I couldn’t help but tell her the news! She’s so supportive and excited and wants to celebrate with us this Saturday night!

Is it Thursday, yet?

Sunday was fun and difficult

This morning was tough too. We held Randi for a little while during service, so we were getting the “that’s what you need’s” and “that look so natural’s” from everybody… We tried not to let on, but we had to tell Skip and Shannon… And then Robyn and Beth. Everybody knows its a secret for now… So, see, keeping the lid on this is tough. But, I guess its only tough because all of our friends are so great.

Tonight was fun. We got to go and see Tammy’s farm! We had a blast. Tammy knows but nobody else did and we were good. We kept a lid on it that night… We had fun though. They have a really great place with tons of space out there. And of course, Kendall’s food is always great. So, its been an eventful weekend.

Keeping the lid on it…

Well, keeping the lid on this little secret is hard… We had dinner with Shawn and Tara on Friday night and we decided to tell them. They’re our first friends to know (Tammy doesn’t count – she’s family!). They were really excited and shocked. It was fun to see their reaction. Both of them were so supportive and they both have been while we’ve been trying. They keep reassuring us that we’ll be good parents. To credit them, they’re the ones who got us ready. Randi is so absolutely perfect.

Regis called Friday night while we were at dinner. He’s been asking about his “nephew” everytime he talks to Jen, so when he didn’t get the standard “still having fun trying” answer, he knew something was up. So we had lunch with him today and told him. Talked to mom for a little while and she said daddy is itching to tell people. I should have told them to go ahead, but I told them to wait until Thursday… We just want to make sure everything is ok and its not a false alarm when we see the doctor on Thursday.

B&T and Jen’s work

Geeze. Well, people are finding out… Brett and Trina were out of town this weekend again, but we want to tell them face to face – we have to find a time to tell them face to face. We don’t want to tell them over the phone…

Our parents, Tammy, and Jen’s boss and co-worker now know… Kendra just came out and asked Jen in the car… But that had to be expected. Jen’s been eating more. She’s even had some cravings. Also, didn’t help that Kenner was in the car with Jen going to Columbia when she tried to schedule her appointment. The whole mysterious “can I call you back” to the doctor’s office had to tip her off… Its kinda fun having a secret like this, but you just want to run up the nearest mountain and shout it to everybody! Thursday is a long ways away!!!!!!!