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Peyton’s Park Adventure

There are a couple things that it seems we have a ‘thing’ for… Aquariums is one thing. We seem to visit to every aquarium we can find. Going to parks is probably number two on that list. We recently traveled to Norton, Virginia, for a college graduation. Jen’s close friend Emily graduated from University of Virigina’s College at Wise. While we were there, we got to spend a little time in the city park where we were staying. Peyton had a blast. She had more fun on the slide than anything, but she loved running and playing in the city park. Hope you enjoy the video.

Video updates…

Peyton last weekend with my dad – her first tractor ride!

Peyton’s six month update – she’s really growing up and starting to explore. She’s playing a lot in her ‘donut’ but not able to crawl yet or much else…

This is Peyton at around 4 months.

Peyton finding her voice…

Welcome July and Goodbye June!

The month of June was probably the sickest month in our lives. It all started with Peyton’s ear infection at the beginning of the month. Then it transcended to a sore throat and a cough. Finally, a stomach bug brought all three of us down to the floor for several days. It was horrible. Somewhere in the middle, we managed to celebrate our 5-year anniversary and Father’s Day.

We are happy to be past this. Peyton and the rest of us are feeling 10 times better. We celebrated Jen’s 29th birthday tonight with a close group of 20 friends at Olive Garden – somehow they managed to fit us together somewhat. It was the best day we have had in a long time and made up for much of the sick month of June. A good way to kick off July! Thank you everyone who came out for some pasta and wine!

Below is a short video of Peyton laughing. It was captured on my cell phone, so the quality isn’t top-notch. Enjoy!