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Just call me recycler, dumpster diver, bee chaser, box breaker, sod girl

This house is done and the family comes home Monday. I am so thankful! I finally can say that I personally experienced the extreme of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This week I was labeled recycler, dumpster diver, bee chaser, box breaker, sod girl, celebrity sighter, and filmstar. That is plenty in one week, thank … Continue reading

Extreme Makeover Home Edition / Green Home / Home / Home Building

The Green Road Ahead is Extremely Long

I have always been told that building your own house is a long process and that we should have patience, consideration and thoughtfulness. However, I didn’t really realize how long this could take, until now. Ok, honestly, I have to cut the process a little slack because we started this project the week before Thanksgiving … Continue reading