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New job, new hobby

Its been a while since we have updated the blog. Jen, Peyton and I are still settling into the new house. As spring has come around, we did something we’ve never done before. We turned off the heat and air conditioning. The house, because of how its built, is near steady temperature during this time of year and so we occasionally open a window to cool things down, but for the most part, the house is feeling great. We are also spending a lot of time on our screened back porch and talking. We have cut off the TV and we’re spending time in conversation and I am really enjoying that.

A little over a month ago, Jen began a new job at Coastal Carolina University (our alma mater) as their Sustainability Coordinator. She’s settling into her new opportunity and its going great. She has a lot of supportive students and staff and that’s making the work enjoyable. It is keeping her busy and there is a lot to do around campus building upon the success of her predecessor.

And last week, Peyton began gymnastics classes on Wednesday evenings. She’s so super excited about it and wants to show us both all that she has learned after class. Jen took her last week and she’s asked me to come this week so that we can both watch. She really really enjoys it and it was her choice of what to do. We will try to post some photos and video of her in coming weeks.

But things are doing pretty well in the Sellers house. More to come soon.

2010 year in review

** I started writing this in December, but I never was able to bring myself to finish this entry. 2010 was a tough year. 2011 is a fresh year and as sad as it is to move on from some things, its truly a fresh start in many ways. — March 21, 2011 **

2010 is going to be remembered as very tough year.  There were personal highs and very deep lows this year in our lives.  This year will be the year of a new beginning with our house.  We celebrated the house with some close friends on Saturday night to celebrate and thank them all for their support, love and help along the way as we have gone through the process of building.  Without them, we couldn’t have completed the build.  And that was a large, very good night for us to celebrate. It represents a big milestone in our lives. As part of that night, we asked each of them to bring a photo for our family and friends wall. Its one of the final touches we are adding to our house. We purchased a “tree of life” metal wall sculpture made by a local artist as the focal point of that wall and we are surrounding the tree with photos of all the people who are most special to us. The photos we adding at the party were just the beginning as we have lots more people to add to our wall. These strong relationships are so valued and needed for us to be healthy and their support in the last year has helped us pull through some difficult times. Continue reading 2010 year in review

House completed, and we’ve moved

What a busy month it has been.  Our house was completed on October 30 and we received our certificate of occupancy.  The next day, we celebrated Peyton’s birthday and we were able to show the house off to Jen’s parents who came into town for the birthday celebration.

After receiving the certificate of occupancy, we still had a few minor things to be completed in the house – trim paining and the such – but all the major construction was completed.

We moved in the following week and although we planned to move furniture and rent a truck on Saturday, with the help of some of our fantastic friends, we were able to move in the last furniture late on Friday night.  My cousin Brett, his wife Trina, and our friends Annie, Madelyn and Russell all were huge helps in moving us in so quickly, as well as unboxing when we got to the new house.  My mom and dad came in on Friday during the day and helped unbox and move some of the bigger furniture, too.

Saturday night, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner welcoming us to the neighborhood.  Our neighbor and friend Kendall fixed prime rib on the grill.  Tammy and Kendall hosted all of us so that we could meet our neighbors and celebrate our new house.  Tammy also prayed for and asked for blessing over our new home.  Afterwards, we gave a tour to my cousin Amanda and her boyfriend Justin – and they helped us unpack some more afterwards.

Peyton is really enjoying her new room.  She loves sleeping in there — and a bad habit she developed in the rental house has disappeared.  A lot of nights in the rental, she would come into our room during the night – around 3am – but that hasn’t happened once in the new house.  She loves her room and is really comfortable in it.

I’ll be posting some new photos soon of the completed house.

Dropping off the package at the bank

Today is a big day in our household.  On my desk, sits an oversized manilla envelope with final floor plans, elevations, designs, the contract and our financial information.  At 3:30 this afternoon, I meet with our banker to discuss the financing for our dream home.  And, we are so satisfied with our final plans that we can’t imagine not moving forward with our project now.  Jen has been writing about and posting updates about our project on her blog, My Green Glasses.  We plan to chronicle the whole build process there as we continue. [Update:  Posts about our house will be on this site…]

We have examined all of our options and we have contingency plans in case financing does not work out for some reason, but we have every reason to be optimistic with the financing as the bank appraises and reviews our plans.  We have had a lot of help during this process – including Bruce from our builder, Paige, our realtor, and friends and family who have offered opinions on the plans as we’ve gone through the process.  I am working on a post for Jen’s blog that talks about some of the steps we have taken to get us to the point we are today.  Paige has been gracious in showing us other options to buy, but ultimately, Jen and I have become too picky about things and with our dream home so close to a fruition, we don’t want to settle for a different house.

With all the financial meltdown of the past couple years, I have been very cautious about the amount of money that we spend.  Paige has shown several properties to us over the past 6 months and some have been exceptional, but only one of them was truly what I could call a “deal.”  The other nagging issue for me is that I feel that these amazing interest rates we currently have will skyrocket in the coming years as the economy recovers.  I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think that it is better for us to move into the house we plan to be in for the next 30 years rather than make another step towards getting our dream house.

As we’ve examined our other options, there are short sales and foreclosure deals to be had, but I’ve found very few of those out in the country where we  want to settle.  To buy an existing house that meets our wishlist will cost almost as much if not more than simply building the house we have planned today.  If we buy, we would make concessions and settle where the space plan is concerned.  If we build, we have had to make a few concessions, such as not having our metal roof or brick exterior, but we’ve only had to make a few concessions to meet our budget.  And so, after a lot of consideration, we’ve decided building is the option we want.

It is exciting to embark on a new adventure in our lives.  We look forward to settling in to this new house, which we will hopefully be moving into before or shortly after Christmas or New Years.

Front Elevation of our New Home
Front Elevation of our New Home

Winter update

So much is going on right now.  Since the last post, we have moved into a rental house, plans for the new house are coming along quite well and we are waiting on our final price to build.  We hope to be breaking ground on the new house by end of April, at this point.

The Winter bug has hit the family pretty hard.  We are all fighting different colds, infections and other sickness.  But, besides that, we are all doing really well.

Peyton is growing like crazy and she’s coming up with new things every day.  Its amazing to listen and watch her think through things and put ideas together.  She’s inquisitive and loves to learn and understand the world around her.  She has graduated from her car seat to a booster seat and she’s enjoying her new found freedom and the ability to look out the windows more easily.

We had a rare South Carolina snowstorm a couple weekends ago and Peyton got to play in the snow.  I know this is common for most children, but growing up in South Carolina doesn’t present the opportunity very often.  In my first 30 years, I think we’ve only gotten snow with accumulation 5 or 6 times.

New house, new washer & dryer, and paid mortgages

Holy cow!  What a few weeks it has been… I am happy to report that we have completed our move and are settling into our rental house.  Its pretty comfortable.  We refuse to unpack a lot of what we own since we know this is all temporary and so we have a lot of (non-necessary) things packed away for safe keepings.  We have unpacked the things we need – kitchen stuff, clothes, office stuff, and furniture. Continue reading New house, new washer & dryer, and paid mortgages