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A late anniversary Melting Pot adventure

Tonight we celebrated our anniversary, very late.  You see, our anniversary was June 1, and we just weren’t able to make time to celebrate it.  We’ve had so much going on that we didn’t take the time to enjoy another milestone.  But, with Jess and Freddy coming in, we decided it was time to use that Melting Pot gift certificate that Jen won on the radio (yes, I know – she’s the queen of winning free stuff on the radio!).

The food was FANtastic!  It was a perfect treat.  We enjoyed 4 course of fondue.  The dessert was probably our favorite, but none of it was bad.  And we probably ran off a few tables while we laughing and swaping war stories from our years of marriage.  Oh, did I mention that this was celebrating Jess and Freddy’s anniversary too?  I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the evening than with friends we haven’t had a chance to hang with in a while.


Six years today

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary to my best friend. Its crazy to think how fast the past six years have flow by. The wedding just seems like yesterday. Its most definitely a milestone for us and we’re happy we’ve made it – happily – with six years under our belt now.

Six years ago there was no baby anywhere on our horizon. But time has mellowed us a little. And we’re happily the parents of a wonderful little girl, Peyton. She is the bright light of our lives – and over her grandparent’s, too. We’re so proud and nervous about being her parents, but we love her with all our hearts.

We have come a long way personally and professionally since 2002. Both of us are happy to report loving our jobs, today. We look forward to the challenges we get and after all these years, we share most every detail of our work day together and help each other get through any tough situations that occur. And that’s always been a constant. There have been times when we aren’t able to share and bounce things off each other. That normally leaves one or the other feeling a little lost – without our rock to stand on. And that is something I’m most proud of. We really are one. Its very hard to separate us sometime – as some of our friends know too well.

There is no big anniversary celebration to report about. We’ve spent our special weekend with close friends – catching up with two we haven’t seen in a while, celebrating a new house with another couple and their family, and supporting some very special friends at the passing of a loved one. And we were just thankful that we were able to be there with all of our friends — the adoptive family here in Myrtle. But Jen and I are looking forward to a special evening sometime soon at the Melting Pot. Jen won a gift certificate from a radio contest (yeah, another one… I dunno HOW she does it!). Just have to find a free night, which are hard to come by, and a baby-sitter.

Peyton’s Easter weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We stayed in town and Peyton got to wear her new Easter dress for church on Sunday morning. My dad has been in town helping me to remodel a bathroom, so on Saturday, he and Jen took Peyton out for a while to let her hunt eggs. She had a ball with it. I can’t say that she was really into finding the eggs, but she liked playing with them in and out of the basket. We have new photos posted on the .Mac gallery of everything. Enjoy!

Peyton’s First Birthday

Can’t believe it, but Peyton turns one on Tuesday! Its been a year already. Jen and I are both amazed at how much she’s grown and how much she’s doing. We’ve had a birthday party both weekends for the past two. We had a party in Cheraw last Sunday with family back home and another party yesterday at Tammy’s farm for our family and friends down our way. The party at the farm was also a costume party since Peyton was born the day before Halloween. There were more than a few costume surprises – including a pair of jailbirds, a couple iPods, and a purple pimp. We had a blast with all our family and friends that were able to make it. We’ve got photos uploading now to our photo gallery and our .Mac photo/video gallery… Check them out!

5th Anniversary and our sick baby!

Philip and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on June 1 with a trip to St. Augustine, FL. This was our first trip together since Peyton was born. Philip’s parents took care of Peyton while we were gone. We reserved a B&B for the first time and it was fabulous. We saw the sights, the Fort, the Old City, and Philip reserved a romantic carriage ride for us! Check out all the pics in our photo gallery.

However, our trip was cut short because our baby girl got sick. She spiked a temperature of 103 and his parents took her to the ER. After several tests to rule other things out, they confirmed it was an ear infection. By that time, Philip and I were on our way back to Cheraw to be there with her. She is on antibiotics and has been getting better since Friday. It was rough weekend, but everything is looking up. We plan to return to St. Augustine one day again.

Peyton weight 16 lbs and 14 oz….almost 17 lbs.!