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About our planning for the baby – from getting furniture to clothes and everything else.

Big news! We’re expecting and its a boy…

What a fun ride this year.  The big news for the year is that Jen is pregnant.  As of this week, she’s 28 weeks along.  We haven’t purposely waited to make an announcement, but its been a very busy year, so no online announcement ever really made its way.  We first found out in June that she was expecting, one week before our trip to Las Vegas.  We flew out for my work (a conference) and then stayed to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary there by seeing KA at the MGM Grand.

After we returned, we patiently waited to find out what we were having.  We both fully expected that it would be another girl.  On my mom’s side of the family – its all girls and one boy.  On Jen’s mom’s side of the family – all girls.  We really didn’t expect any different, but in September, we got a surprise.  We’re having a boy!

Needless to say, it seems perfect for us.  We’re excited and ready for his arrival at the end of January.

Peyton is happy to be a big sister.  She had chosen the name for a little girl, so there was a little disappointment that we wouldn’t get to use the name she chose, but overall she’s loving the idea of becoming a big sister.

A lot of things change in six years.   For Peyton’s arrival, we launched this website and chronicled her development and delivery.  For baby James, this blog wasn’t needed thanks to Facebook and sharing everything there.  They are certainly different, but it still helped to share the news.   Our friends had twins about 2 years ago and there are all these new things that didn’t exist when Peyton came along.  We’re learning from our friends again and finding all the newest things.

I know my cousins have all said that they have tons of pictures from the first child and none of the second, and so on, but I guess in our case, we have lots of posts about Peyton and none about James.  Somehow, I suspect that photos are a given with Jen — she’s always snapping photos, so I don’t think we’ll have a shortage of the new baby.

Nursery update

Well, a lot has been added in the nursery.  First, a friend of ours, Hope, came and painted a mural around the window in the nursery.  She did a ton of research on flowers, their meanings and colors.  The mural incorporates a view of flowers and ivy that spell out the word LOVE.  Jen and I were both so impressed with how much time she spent planning this, drawing it out and looking up the flowers online.  Anyways, had to share a photos… Thanks Hope!  She completed this a couple weeks ago, but finally got photos of it…

Hope's Wall

We have also been adding a lot of things from showers into the room.  Jen also got some things from this week with her mom and we need to get it all setup.  Right now, its all kinda in the middle of the floor.  Just being out of town all week has set us back…  Oh, well, til next time.  Its getting close now!

The Nursery

My awesome, artist wife has been working hard on a mural in the nursery. And if I say so myself, it looks amazing! She has been painting stars and a tree for a while and its unbelievable. It looks like something out of a baby decor catalog… She has really outdone herself. The wall behind the crib has stars and a moon. And on the wall behind the chest of drawers and eventually a rocking chair, is a big tree, with grass along the bottom and Peyton’s name hanging from the wall. Jen calls the tree her “storybook tree.” Oh, and I can’t forget about Winney the Pooh’s “Hunny” pot in the corner too…  (you can’t really see it in the photo, but we’ll add more photos).  Its really coming together very nice! We’ve included images in the gallery. I’ve also included them below…

Storybook Tree Starry, starry crib

An Update…

Ok, yeah, its been a while since a good update.  Its been a busy few weeks…  no excuse I know.  We have been doing all sorts of things, but don’t have much news.  Jen went back to the doctor this week.  She’s on the every two weeks rotation now.  Everything is looking really good.

Peyton is getting more and more active.  She’s kicking and pushing on the belly.  Its really cool to feel that sort of thing.  Last night, our power went out because of a storm, so we just laid there and felt her kicking and moving. 

We have been working in the nursery some.  Most of the big stuff is there, now.  Jen has two baby showers coming up.  Invitations have either gone out or are going out for them now.   We’ll be adding a section called showers to the site and we’ll upload photos from them. 

The first shower is this weekend.  Our friend, Trina, is throwing the one on Saturday.  It’ll be at the house so everyone can see the nursery. 

The second shower is being thrown by another friend, Nancy, that Jen used to work with.  Its next Saturday, the 12th.  That one is at our house too…

We visited Cheraw this past weekend and got to see all our family there.  There’s another shower in the works for up there sometime the first of October.  Jen is really excited about all of this… 

Bin, Bins and more Bins

Well, to add to our newly reorganized nursery closet, we had found 4 green bins at the Dollar Tree. You definately couldn’t beat the $1 each price… So, during lunch yesterday, we had Firehouse and went back to the Dollar Tree to see if they had more of them, maybe in different colors. No luck.

So when dinner time came along last night, we decided to to another Dollar Tree to find them. So we headed down to Dollar Tree at Carolina Forest – no luck there. Well, we’re this far down, might as well go to Briarcliffe. So we did and we hit the jackpot – every color we could want. So now, Peyton has blue, red, yellow and green bins for her closet. We’ll snap an updated photo soon.

Mission Organization Accomplished…

Closet System

Well, we spent yesterday evening painting the closet and putting up our system. It actually went fast. It took longer for the paint to dry than it did to put up the closet system. I had to cut down the main bar for the top to make it fit our closet size. That was the hardest part (and that wasn’t hard…). Then just had to snip off the end of our 6 ft shelves to make them fit and cut one shelf in half. About an hour later, Jen was hanging clothes for baby-girl.

Constructing a Closet: Part 1

Well, we have started our newest baby project. Tonight, we went to Lowes an purchased all the stuff we need to redo the closet in the nursery. We know that baby’s need lots of things and we need places to put all those things… So, we decided to redo the closet with one of the Closetmaid deals. We bought the track system with the adjustable shelfs so that as our little one grows, we can reconfigure the shelves and hanging space for her. We figured that this was the best investment… Currently that is all laying in the floor in the nursery. We have to remove the old shelf and hanging bar and paint the closet, so there will be more to come on this project… 🙂