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Monday is the day…

Jen’s doctor’s visit went well today.  She is already 2cm dialated and everything is progressing well.  The doctor has her scheduled to go into the hospital on Monday morning at 6am.  They will induce her and they are expecting the baby to be here by sometime in the afternoon… 🙂  We’re very excited about it all…

We’ll keep you posted and we’ll send an email as soon as possible once she arrives!


Baby update…

Jen had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. The doctor said all looks good and that she’s almost to full term. She’ll be 37 weeks this Saturday and 38 weeks is full term. So its looking like our bundle of joy will be arriving in just a couple weeks.

Jen goes back to the doctor on next Tuesday. After that visit, we should know more how she’s progressing and the doctor mentioned that he may go ahead and schedule a time to induce her into labor. So, we will keep you posted…

In other news, Jen has prepared a list in her email so that I can let everyone know when Peyton arrives. If you want to make sure you’re on the list, send me an email at

Nursery update

Well, a lot has been added in the nursery.  First, a friend of ours, Hope, came and painted a mural around the window in the nursery.  She did a ton of research on flowers, their meanings and colors.  The mural incorporates a view of flowers and ivy that spell out the word LOVE.  Jen and I were both so impressed with how much time she spent planning this, drawing it out and looking up the flowers online.  Anyways, had to share a photos… Thanks Hope!  She completed this a couple weeks ago, but finally got photos of it…

Hope's Wall

We have also been adding a lot of things from showers into the room.  Jen also got some things from this week with her mom and we need to get it all setup.  Right now, its all kinda in the middle of the floor.  Just being out of town all week has set us back…  Oh, well, til next time.  Its getting close now!

Cheraw Baby Shower

My Aunts Cindy and Virginia and my cousin’s wives Karen and Melanie threw a baby shower for Jen in Cheraw on Saturday. There are a lot of people there that we haven’t seen in a long time. It was really great to see everyone. We received a lot of very generous gifts from everyone. We received a lot of very nice outfits, as well as a lot of necessities – like diapers! We have lots of photos to be developed, so those will be posted as soon as… 🙂

Here are a few photos…

Work shower at SWA

Jen had quite a surprise yesterday.  All of the folks at her work did a great job planning a surprise baby shower for her during lunch.  I got a call early in the week from Kendra, Jen’s co-worker, to invite me to be there as part of the surprise.  And it was a big surprise for Jen.  When we walked in, everyone yelled surprise and she disappeared back in the hallway.  She didn’t know what to do with herself. 

They had arranged lunch for everyone from Donzelle’s.  They also had a cake… We’ll have to load photos soon.  We all ate together and then Jen was able to open her gifts.  We received a bottle warmer and Winney the Pooh clothes set, a few other outfits, a bath-time set, a Vera Bradley diaper bag, a couple stuffed animals and rattles, a handmade blanket, and a quilt made from Ecospun (which is made from recycled soda bottles…).  That is our baby’s first recyclable… 🙂

Jen’s boss, Ester, also made her a shower hat from all of the bows and tissue paper from the gits for good luck.  We have to get a photo of that online soon.

Baby shower from Nancy

Yesterday, Nancy threw a baby shower for Jen and Peyton. Nancy invited a few people from the Brandon crew, where Jen used to work. She also invited some of our friends of ours from church. I think everyone had a good time. We received a Bumbo baby seat – which is kinda like a soft high chair. We also received a few diapers and wipes, some very nice outfits and a great aquarium crib toy that plays music.

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