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Big news! We’re expecting and its a boy…

What a fun ride this year.  The big news for the year is that Jen is pregnant.  As of this week, she’s 28 weeks along.  We haven’t purposely waited to make an announcement, but its been a very busy year, so no online announcement ever really made its way.  We first found out in June that she was expecting, one week before our trip to Las Vegas.  We flew out for my work (a conference) and then stayed to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary there by seeing KA at the MGM Grand.

After we returned, we patiently waited to find out what we were having.  We both fully expected that it would be another girl.  On my mom’s side of the family – its all girls and one boy.  On Jen’s mom’s side of the family – all girls.  We really didn’t expect any different, but in September, we got a surprise.  We’re having a boy!

Needless to say, it seems perfect for us.  We’re excited and ready for his arrival at the end of January.

Peyton is happy to be a big sister.  She had chosen the name for a little girl, so there was a little disappointment that we wouldn’t get to use the name she chose, but overall she’s loving the idea of becoming a big sister.

A lot of things change in six years.   For Peyton’s arrival, we launched this website and chronicled her development and delivery.  For baby James, this blog wasn’t needed thanks to Facebook and sharing everything there.  They are certainly different, but it still helped to share the news.   Our friends had twins about 2 years ago and there are all these new things that didn’t exist when Peyton came along.  We’re learning from our friends again and finding all the newest things.

I know my cousins have all said that they have tons of pictures from the first child and none of the second, and so on, but I guess in our case, we have lots of posts about Peyton and none about James.  Somehow, I suspect that photos are a given with Jen — she’s always snapping photos, so I don’t think we’ll have a shortage of the new baby.

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