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Rough ins almost complete this week

This week in updates, we have had a lot of progress not only outside but inside, too.  On the outside, the roofers have completed our roof.  It looks great and we can now imagine how it will look next to the green siding.  Also, the foundation got its finish this week and it looks great (picture below).

Inside, there is a lot of progress.  The electricians began their rough-in and completed it this week.  HVAC rough-in was started and almost complete.  We expect the air handler to be installed in the ceiling today.  All of the duct work was installed and some of the returns were installed last week.

I had a good conversation with the builder last Thursday.  They are expecting structured wiring, security and HVAC rough-ins to be complete and an inspection to occur on Wednesday.  After that — drywall.  We are also expecting vinyl siding to be installed this week.  The roofing crew was getting preliminary measurements as they finished up the roof on Wednesday.  So we expect the job site to be “stocked” with new materials mid-week and alot more progress after that.  Sometime next week, drywall may be complete.  I expect that will take us well over the 50% completed threshold!  So, it is exciting and everything continues to move much faster than expected.

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