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Lots to update this week

Unfortunately, updates on the site have slowed.  I have been a little under the weather, but I have a batch of photos and a quick update of the progress from this week.

Early in the week, the house was wrapped with vapor barrier and the roof was completed and felt was laid on the roof.  The windows were delivered and put into the openings on the house on Tuesday.  Later in the week, they fully installed the windows.  Shingles were delivered on Thursday and are sitting on the top of the roof.  It has been raining today, so guessing that shingles will be laid next week after everything dries out.  Also, the main support posts were installed for the porches this week.

On the inside, the plumbing rough-in was completed this week.  Electrical boxes and the main power panel in the house have been put into place.  The reset of the electrical rough-in will be completed this week, too.  Some areas (like behind the fireplace and behind the tub/shower inserts) were insulated.

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