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Roof framing is almost complete

This week has proved to be another exciting and progress-filled week with our house.  Thursday marks the beginning of five weeks of our build and the progress made is nothing short of amazing.  We know that things will begin to slow down and visible changes won’t make the kind of “wow” impact that the past five weeks have had, so we are certainly enjoying the “wow” as it comes…

As I blogged earlier, Tuesday began the process of putting the trusses onto the house.  Thursday continued that work and as of today, we have most of the sheeting installed and the framers are working on the last piece of framing — the front dormer.  I spoke with the on-site guy today while I was there and he estimates that 95% of our roof will be completed by the end of the day.

And, as a side note, its extremely hot right now in South Carolina.  The crew was not working on top of the house when I went by around 1pm — they were working inside instead — but even not in direct sunlight, it was really hot outside.  Even standing by and not really working, you just pour sweat.  But, the good news is the humidity isn’t awful, like it can be sometimes here.  Fortunately, everyone is trying to be safe about the progress.

The felt will be laid and the roof will be prepped for shingles next week.  Shortly after that, I expect the house to be fully dried in…  So, lots of progress for us.

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