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Building has begun

It has been a few weeks since I have posted an update, but during that time, we have had a lot of activity on our land.  Last week, the builder laid out all the sidewall strings and began digging the footings for the house.  Those were dug and then poured in about a day.  To our surprise last Friday, they had finished those and they were left to dry over the weekend.

On Monday, I received an MMS photo from Tammy while she was on her way out for work.  (Our good friends, The Elvises, will be living behind us and they have been great about sending photos for us as they drive by and see progress.)  On Monday, they had begun laying blocks for our foundation on top of the footings.  By the time that I got there on Monday, they had stopped working for the day (it has been really HOT here!) and they had gotten about two courses of block laid.  By Tuesday lunch, they have finished the perimeter of the house and by Wednesday, they had laid the block for all the porches and landings for the doorways coming into the house.

From talking with the builder and block layer, the next step is to back fill the inside of the blocks with dirt, pack that and then we will be ready to pour the cement slab.  Below are some progress photos from the past week’s worth of work!  We are excited!

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