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Building permit in progress

This week, the builder is working on permitting.  We are hoping to have a building permit within the next two weeks and hoping that work will begin shortly after that.  Jen and I have signed off on the plans, specs and construction agreement and returned those to Sterling Homes along with the first payment.

We are thinking about electrical plans — where we want to locate switches and outlets so that we can draw them onto preliminary electrical plans.  We will do a walk through before electrical rough-in but after the walls go up so that we can see the spaces.  We are thinking about where we want can lights and looking at other lighting fixtures for the foyer, dining room, living room and bedrooms.

Over the weekend, we went to Exquisite Glow Lighting in Shallotte, NC.  They happened to be having a really big sale and we were able to find a couple fixtures there.  We will probably go back and get some additional items soon.   Since it was the first place we had looked, we wanted to look around elsewhere and compare.

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