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Flurry of activity on the blog and our land

Well, there is a flurry of activity both on this blog and at our house site…

First, we are in the process of moving Jen’s blog posts from My Green Glasses over to this blog and consolidating.  She is not shutting down My Green Glasses, but between school, work and family, she’s not having the time she wants to devote to blogging.  So, her posts are moving to here and we will continue to chronicle the house build from this site.

Second, the land has had some activity.  Yesterday, our builder (and future neighbor, Harry) located the property corners and flagged those so that we know where the edges are.  He also staked out the edges of our house so that we could see where it would be placed per the plat that Bruce (our designer/project manager from the builder’s office) had drawn.  We were then asked to flag pine trees that need to be cut down – 63 in all (yikes!).  Some were in the way of the house and others in the way of the driveway.  We took out some in the front so that we could have a yard and took out any that had the potential of hitting the house if they snapped.   I know that this seems anti-green to be cutting trees, but its a necessary evil.  We are planning to replace these pines with oaks and maples in the yard.  The number is certainly ominous, but some of these are skinny, small pines.

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