Milestones / Special Days

Peyton’s singing debut

Last month, Peyton made her singing debut.  She had her first performance at my parents church, Brock’s Mill Baptist, on Sunday, March 14.   She has enjoyed singing for a while, learning songs at daycare, from Hannah Montana and from music that we listen to.  She had been telling us and my mom and she wanted to sing at Brock’s Mill.  A couple weeks earlier, she had come home from staying with them telling her mom and I that she didn’t get to sing because her Gaga didn’t call on her to sing.  So, the weekend of the 14th, she had told her Gaga several times on Saturday that she wanted to sing and when Sunday came around, my mom asked her again and she said yes.  So after the choir sang during service, Peyton was sitting my dad’s lap and my mom asked her if she was ready and she hopped down from my dad’s lap, walked down the isle and took the microphone that my mom had for her.  You’ll hear the rest on the recording below.  Enjoy!  Needless to say, we were extremely proud of our big girl.

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