Winter update

So much is going on right now.  Since the last post, we have moved into a rental house, plans for the new house are coming along quite well and we are waiting on our final price to build.  We hope to be breaking ground on the new house by end of April, at this point.

The Winter bug has hit the family pretty hard.  We are all fighting different colds, infections and other sickness.  But, besides that, we are all doing really well.

Peyton is growing like crazy and she’s coming up with new things every day.  Its amazing to listen and watch her think through things and put ideas together.  She’s inquisitive and loves to learn and understand the world around her.  She has graduated from her car seat to a booster seat and she’s enjoying her new found freedom and the ability to look out the windows more easily.

We had a rare South Carolina snowstorm a couple weekends ago and Peyton got to play in the snow.  I know this is common for most children, but growing up in South Carolina doesn’t present the opportunity very often.  In my first 30 years, I think we’ve only gotten snow with accumulation 5 or 6 times.

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