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Bucking the Trend on New Homes

We are surprisingly bucking the trend with our new home, as quoted by my husband. As we were putting some finishing touches on our house plan, an article was recently published on Yahoo! Finance called “The 10 Must Have Features in Today’s New Homes.”

It was almost like we wrote this article because everything on the list was everything we were planning to do. And we have not read one news article or magazine regarding the latest home trends.

In addition to this list, we are also not going to have true formal dining room. Our house will be built according to our lifestyle, which is centered around family and friends. We always knew we wanted an open floor plan to encourage interactivity throughout the house, plus utilizing as much storage as possible. We do not want any dead spaces in the house. Plus, my biggest feature in the house was a  mudroom with a large laundry room. I’m tried of tracking dirt throughout the house and I’m tried of my laundry area as a closet.

So, here is our list based on that article, we are doing 9 out of 10 on their list:

1 – Large Kitchen with an Island – I wanted a good size kitchen for functionality, but also an island as a central part of the room. The island will be a different cabinet color and different countertop color then the rest of the kitchen (another new trend).

2 – Energy-Efficient Appliances, Insulation and Windows – This is must-have for our “green” home.

3 – Home Office/Study – We actually debated about this room a lot – we wanted one, then we didn’t want one. Finally, we decided it was necessary for our computer, desk, files and all of my books.

4 – Main-Floor Master Suite – Our house will be two-story and who wants to be 80 years old climbing stairs? Not me!

5 – Outdoor Living Room – This was our Number 1 feature from the very very beginning. Living in South Carolina has its weather benefits and there is nothing like sitting outside, soaking it all in.

6 – Ceiling Fans – We will enjoy fresh air circulating throughout the house. Plus, I love the style that looks like palm leaves.

7 – Master Suite Soaker Tubs – Plus we will have a HUGE shower! Currently, our rental’s shower is very claustrophobic.

8 – Stone and Brick Exteriors – Unless financing works out, we will have mostly vinyl siding, but maybe we will add some stone features.

9 – Community Landscaping – We’re moving to a location with neighbors that have several acres to “play” in the woods which include lots of wooded trails.

10 – Two-Car Garages – It is necessary for us to have a garage for my husband’s truck to fit.

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