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Thoreau is stalking me with Walden

Yes I am an English major and I have never read Walden by Henry David Thoreau. There, I said it. Now you can throw things at me. I have read excerpts, but that doesn’t count. Now is the best time to read it, especially since I think Thoreau is stalking me. For those that are unfamiliar with this American classic, Walden is the journal of Thoreau’s experience living in a one room cabin at Walden’s Pond in Massachusetts from 1845 to 1847.  In Walden, he records his thoughts and encounters with nature and society.

Stalker Case #1 – Last week, my husband and I went on a double-date with old friends. We all ended up at Barnes and Noble after dinner – hey, we’re parents……don’t judge our free time. It was there that I picked up Walden because the cover was amazing and it was only 6 bucks. My husband said, we have that at home, so I didn’t buy it.

Stalker Case #2 – Our church just finished its series called “Simplify” and I was finally getting it at the end. See my previous post called “The House that God will Build.” I am completely enthralled by living a more simple life. I have already made a few trips to Goodwill and stopped buying junk.

Stalker Case #3 – My husband found Walden. Not only was it the first box he opened, but it ended up being a 3rd edition from 1965 that he bought in a second-hand bookstore in New York City BEFORE we started dating. We went to NYC for a journalism conference when I was the college newspaper editor and he was the designer. It was fate.

Stalker Case #4 – Tonight, I’m sitting at Barnes and Noble working on my Green Building classwork, when I look up from my table and notice the decor on the wall. (Yes, see the photo). There it is…..I think I got the message LOUD and CLEAR.


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