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Just call me recycler, dumpster diver, bee chaser, box breaker, sod girl

This house is done and the family comes home Monday. I am so thankful! I finally can say that I personally experienced the extreme of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This week I was labeled recycler, dumpster diver, bee chaser, box breaker, sod girl, celebrity sighter, and filmstar. That is plenty in one week, thank you.


The Extreme Makeover experience is something that everyone should do at least once. I have met many amazing volunteers this week. These volunteers take time away from their own family to help another family that they don’t even personally know. That is something to applaud. Sterling Homes had a theme this week for EMHE, “Building on Faith” and I believe that everyone of those volunteers contributed to that theme in their own way.

Today was probably the most fun I had all week (except I cherish my Ed moment). My husband and I showed up around noon and jumped into a taping of Ed and Jeff Gordon racing Bobcats. We are in South Carolina, we have Jeff Gordon and we are racing Bobcats. Can someone say redneck? Oh, but it was fun. We had to cheer them on racing, run behind the Bobcats, jump over mud puddles and congratulate the winner in the Winners Circle – yes, it was Jeff Gordon that won. I even got a high-five from #24 himself. Another great moment! Can’t wait until it airs to see if I made it on screen. I will take autographs later.

Box breaker

Next we checked on some recycling containers, grabbed some cardboard boxes to recycle and headed for lunch. A few hours of filming makes a star hungry. After getting some energy, we recycled A LOT. We switched bags, grabbed more cardboard from around the house and collected bottles around the job site. I had a lot of help today, a couple of friends and my husband, and I couldn’t have done this without them. One of my friends and my husband were lucky enough to run into a couple of the EMHE designers: Paige and Ed, so we got photos and autographs. It really pays to recycle!

Sod girl

The final numbers for the recycling efforts for EMHE was 1880 lbs. of cardboard, cans and bottles! Almost a ton! I think it was a brilliant effort. Yes, I love my job! This episode is supposed to air in 6-8 weeks, so I will make to post it.

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