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The Green Road Ahead is Extremely Long

I have always been told that building your own house is a long process and that we should have patience, consideration and thoughtfulness. However, I didn’t really realize how long this could take, until now. Ok, honestly, I have to cut the process a little slack because we started this project the week before Thanksgiving and ran smack into Christmas. Family, good tidings and cheer does take precedence over building our new house – I guess. But now, we have run into another roadblock in the process, although I suppose I shouldn’t complain all too much because it is a very exciting roadblock. Our builder will have to change their business cards to reflect a “3 Time Builder for Extreme Makeover Home Edition”.

Oh yes, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition will be building a new home in our area with our builder, but it won’t be our home. Although, maybe we could share the resources and get this all done together in one week!? Wishful thinking, busted.

Our builder is Sterling Homes and we have been meeting with Bruce Atkins since November, he has taken a lot of time with us and us with him. Patience is a virtue, especially in planning and building a house. We didn’t want to rush into anything and our conversations with Bruce have been all positive and encouraging that we are making the right decisions. We received a floor layout and we’ve been waiting for the rest, including the price. We have a long road ahead of us. Then we hear a rumor about the EMHE coming to our area and I get the phone call that says, “Now you know why your house is taking so long.” Ok you got me. I suppose we can wait until after the Extreme Home Makeover Edition project in Horry County is completed to start ours! Although, it’s not really just a one week delay because a lot of planning goes into these projects before they happen. I’m looking forward to the day when I’m sitting on the backporch with my fireplace roaring and a glass of wine, thinking, “We could have been in here sooner, if it wasn’t for that EMHE project.” Haha – that was a bad joke. I think the project is a blessing for the family and this community. I look forward to seeing great things in the coming weeks!

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