Green Home

Green with Envy

We have fallen in love!  In this economy, we are keeping all options open.  Just in case building is not the right decision for our finances, we would buy a house.  So we went house-hunting. We saw four properties: one that had construction problems, one that was not the right fit, one we could live with and one that we fell in love with.

The house that we love is probably exactly everything we could ask for in our dream house. It definitely has a “WOW” factor in every room, we wouldn’t have to change a thing. It is the perfect color (green), the perfect setting (under Live Oak trees), the perfect layout (almost), the perfect finishes (wood, tile, fixtures, ceilings), but NOT the perfect size. Actually it is massive for us! This house is about 2700 heated square feet and about 4000 total square feet!

My hubby and I had a heart-to-heart discussion about this house. We listed the pros and the cons. We probably could afford the monthly mortgage, but I worry that it is too much house – in utility bills, cleaning, maintenance, etc. I’d worry that we would stretch ourselves too thin and wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything else. It is also far from our work and Peyton would go to a different school district. This house also would require maintenance in the next few years – painting the siding, a new roof, etc.

Then we thought about what our builder told us.  Start with the smallest home possible and grow from there in your plans. Basically, start with only what you need. The biggest the house, the bigger the bills in the future.

I believe that seeing this house reassured us that building may be our best choice. When you build, you get exactly what you want and how you want it.

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