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The Tiny Green House Concept

I have been following the tiny house movement for a while — and for those who aren’t aware — there are some people who live in as little as a couple hundred square feet.  Advocates of the tiny house life boast the benefits such as living without a mortgage, decreasing your carbon footprint and even the mobility — since many tiny houses are psuedo-recreational vehicles on wheels.  I really admire the movement, but I readily admit, I just can’t commit to downsizing that way.

But, as Jen has begun to blog about, we are beginning the home building process.   I think that 1,500 square feet might be plenty of room for my family and I, however, we can’t seem to fit everything we ‘need’ into that amount of space.  Realistically, we are looking at 2,000 square feet as a workable size.  This is still a considerable sized house — approximately the same as the one we just recently sold.   This size is still well below the average sized home today – that average sitting at approximately 2,400 square feet.

Last week, we met with a builder and one of the first conversations that we had was concerning the sizing of the floor plans we had brought to the table.  We had found a set of stock plans from an architect and we liked the flow of the layout and the style of the elevations.   The sizes of the screened porch, living room and the master bedroom were very large – in some cases, double what may be needed.  We had a real conversation about removing some of the excess space.  Our builder’s goal — to at least begin the process with the smallest possible house we will be happy with. That clicked.  This is step one of any green build – start with the smallest possible house to fit your needs – whether its a tiny house or not.

This made sense to me.  I have been concerned about the size of the house we’d chosen since we first fell in love with the plans.  Our builder took us on a tour of several houses and we were able to gauge sizes of rooms and he was right, the rooms we had were excessive.  He is now working to draw a set of custom plans in line with what we like both in style and flow but also trying to determine the smallest possible house at the same time.  And, we’re thrilled.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the tiny house movement, check out these blogs:

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