Today, we accepted an offer on our house

This evening was a monumental day in our history.  As I was meeting with my business partner and a buyer for our business, I received a phone call from our Realtor with an offer on our home.  Yes, I realize that the prior sentence has two major punches.

First, we listed our house for sale back in June.  As of September, we’d all but given up hope after our only potential showing canceled.  We showed the house twice in September and then things went quiet again.  Then on Wednesday, we got a call for a showing the same day.  Later that evening, I received the verbal offer – which was more than fair, though not quite full asking price.

Second, I’m merging my web design business with another.  As much as I love what I do with Zeal Tech, I am not able to spend the amount of time necessary to run the business and really attend to my customers needs.   Realizing those two issues, we have found a new business partner to merge our business into.  We will continue to serve our existing roles with the new company and serve our customers, but will be have a significant boost to customer service in the form of a manned phone and technical support available to everyone, quicker than we are normally able to respond since this is a secondary business for us.

But that brings us to today.  This morning, we accepted the offer made on our house.  So, pending home inspection (which should not turn up anything) and an acceptable appraisal (the more pressing issue in this market), the house will be gone.  That leaves us debt-free, but also homeless.  So, the process of homebuilding shall begin.  I believe this blog will come alive again with news of the home building process – much the same way when we were expecting Peyton’s arrival.  We hope that you’ll follow us on this new journey.

Note: This pre-dated entry was written on the day of the event.  Due to unknowns of selling the house and the business, I didn’t publish it at the time, but I wanted to put this out there with my thoughts and worries from that day.

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