Photo gallery & video gallery changes

A while back, I announced that we removed our personal photo gallery for security and privacy reasons. I’ve since been using Picasa’s Web Gallery provided by Google. I’m happy with a lot of their features, including facial recognition and grouping. As a matter of fact, the facial recognition works better than the one built into iPhoto… (that’s a topic for my other blog).  After playing around with other solutions, I really like using Picasa’s web gallery.  I have found a way to upload directly from iPhoto and so that’s where all our family photos will be.  There are lots of galleries, but most are private.  If you want to receive updates from me, send me an email – philip.sellers at – and I’ll add you so you receive photos when I send them out.

And because I’ve chosen to put all the photos out there, I’ve decided to use the MobileMe gallery for videos.  I got a lot of feedback that the MobileMe photo galleries didn’t work so well, so I abandoned it for that, but I think the way it does videos and the fact that it integrates so well with my iMovie software, I’m going to continue to post my videos there.  I’ll also be uploading them to YouTube – but the MobileMe gallery will have better quality copies.  I hope to buy a new hard-disk based HD video camera soon – maybe for Christmas if all works out.

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