March update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update over here. I’ve been trying to keep up with things on my tech blog and unfortunately, I’ve left the personal blog out in the cold.

All is going well in Conway, SC, and everyone is well. The days are warming up – been in the 70’s and 80’s this week. Flowers are starting to bloom and spring is almost here.

Peyton is growing up fast. She’s very social and loves getting to play with her friends at daycare, church and anywhere else. Right now, she is on a kick to keep her fingernails painted. It is her and her mommy’s project at night after bath time. She recently visited the circus and had a blast. She was still talking about it so much that we bought tickets to to back again this weekend in Columbia. She loves the elephants.

She has been busy learning colors, numbers and the alphabet at daycare. She is very intelligent! They are also teaching the kids songs and Peyton loves to seranade us in the car while we drive.

Jen is finishing her fourth class in get masters program this week. She has done a great job and her grades ate outstanding. She is working on a Masters in Environental Science from Denver University online. She was able to visit campus while I was in Colorado Springs for a class for my job in November.

Work for both of us is stable and still going good. Jen, like all county employees, had to take a 2% pay cut this fiscal year, but that also meant no one lost their jobs either. She still enjoys teaching kids and the public about recycling. My job continues to be challenging and rewarding. I’m enjoying my projects and the new things I’m learning.

Circus Photos:

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