Special Days

Thankful for… 2008 edition

I’m a little late on posting this, mostly because internet access is on short supply in my parents house.  Its only wiffs of signal from the closest AT&T tower, but that only really works in the kitchen, it seems…  But that’s an aside.  We have lots to be thankful for this year.

We are thankful for:

  • Peyton – she is wonderful and sweet.  We love her with everything we have!
  • Our health – we are all healthy and happy with no real issues to speak of
  • Work – both Jen and I have jobs that are doing well and are stable, despite the downturn in the economy
  • Family – we enjoy our wonderful families, and as much as we may complain from time to time about his or that, we both come from very good stock and we are surrounded by great examples of the character we should all strive for.
  • Friends – as much as our family is important, our surrogate family members are just as great and we love them dearly.  We have a great circle of friends to live life with and we enjoy the times we have with them…

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