Peyton at 25 months…

Peyton is growing and developing so amazingly.  She’s smart as a whip and crafty, too.  She’s sweet and loving.  So much as happened since the last update.  She is talking up a storm and she’s got an natural need to understand and learn about the world around her.  She is a little sponge.

At daycare, she is learning the shapes and what things are made in those shapes.  She’s also learning her colors and what things are those colors.  She knows everyone in her class and she can tell you everyone’s name.  She is extremely social, which I find great since I have issues being social around people until I know them pretty well.  (Of course, you know that then all bets are off!)  She really enjoys and misses daycare when she’s not there.  She looks forward to seeing her friends.

At home, she is so good with technology.  She loves Barney and Elmo DVD’s.  As much as we have tried not to let her watch too much TV, she loves these programs.  She is glued to the TV while that big purple monstrosity dinosaur is on there.  And, she knows which of her DVD’s she wants to watch and she’ll let you know.  She also knows how to change the DVD and start it with the controls on front.  I watched her do the same at Gaga and Papa Sellers’ house this weekend – she’s mastered using their DVD, as well.  She’s trying to learn how to use my iPhone and our computers.  She really enjoys watching the picture slideshows on the TV or computer.

She visited Santa yesterday at Bass Pro Shops… She was a little scared of him and wouldn’t sit on his lap.  So, mom sat in Santa’s chair with her while Santa stood to the side…  We asked her while we were in line what she wanted from Santa and she said that she wanted “toys.”  When we asked what kind, she said Elmo.  So, we’ll have to wait and see what she gets from Santa… 😉

Peyton also loves playing outside now.  She really enjoys being outside and she’s infatuated by the birds.  And planes, she can spot an airplane anytime there is one around.  Whether we’re in the car or playing outside she can spot them and will point and make sure we see them too.

One other change is happening.  Our little fearless girl is not quite as fearless.  This morning she awoke to Minnie Mouse looking right back at her and she was a little scared.  She called for her mommie to move Minnie…  But she’s also been scared of other things from time to time.  She was absolutely terrified of a hayride a few weekends back, though she insisted that Da-Da should ride it.   She takes her moments with tractors and other things that are loud.

In other BIG news, she’s now sleeping in a big girl bed instead of a crib.  We converted her crib this past weekend into a daybed with a rail to keep her from falling out at night.  But that gives her freedom to get up and leave the bed when she would like… no more bars!  So far its going well. She was very excited to sleep in her big girl bed the first night and she didn’t get out until the next morning.  The next night, she got up a couple times before she went down for the night, but not bad.  Last night, she fell asleep in front of the TV while watching the Tinkerbell movie and didn’t want to be moved, but once she did move to her bed, she stayed all night.

Anyways, that’s where Peyton is at 25 months…

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