Friends / Special Days

Visiting Hard Rock Park today

Today we’re visiting Hard Rock Park again.  Brett and Trina are going with us.  It’ll be their first time in the park. Today is the last day of their extended hours and they’ll be shortening their weeks to 3 days and hours to 11am to 7pm after this weekend through end of the year.  We’re excited to get to ride the coasters again and see the shows.  Peyton really loves watching the people go by on the Eagles coaster.  And she loves to people watch.  

Update: We had a blast today.  Unfortuantely, the Maximum RPM coaster was down again, along with the Slipper when Wet water-coaster.  So, we still haven’t gotten to ride Slippery.  But we did get to plan in the nerf ball place and Peyton really enjoyed that.  We didn’t stay for fireworks, but we did see the last Ice Show of the season tonight… it was by far the best we’d seen, though still not my cup of tea…

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