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Dad’s neck surgery

This afternoon, my dad had surgery on his neck.  The doctor told us that he had a hurniated disc in his neck that was putting pressure on his spinal cord.  He is doing extremely well and looks to be coming home tomorrow, which is very promising.  He is in good spirits and time will ultimately tell how successful the procedure was…  Just keep us in your prayers.

For everyone who didn’t know about this, my dad has been having back pain for a while.  Its mostly in the upper back and sholders.  He has also developed some tingling and numbness in his arms.  Its worse on his right arm, but also affects his left.  I heard more today than I had previously while he was telling the nurses in pre-op about the problems.  Turns out his GP was blaming diabetes and arthritis for the pain and problems, but dad requested more to be done and was sent to have an MRI in Pinehurst.  The MRI showed that he had a herniated disc and he was referred to a doctor in Florence, and went in for his first visit on last Thursday.  The doctor showed him exactly the problem and gave him his options.  Basically, though, he stressed that dad should have an operation as quickly as possible.  The doctor primarly operates with McLeod Regional Medical in Florence, but couldn’t get dad into surgery until late in September, so he called the other major hospital there and booked it for today.  

Its really a wonder that dad has been as functional as he has and that he hasn’t had more major problems than he has had from looking at the disc.  Mom and I were able to see the MRI (which was on CD) over the weekend and it looked scary.  But hopefully he is on the road to recovery now…  more soon…

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