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Archiving photos

For a long time now, we’ve been collecting 4×6 photos in a photo box around our house.  Most everything since 2000 or 2001 has been digital, but every part of our life documented before that was on film.  After a lot of wasted time on Google looking for a nice scanner that would automatically scan a stack of 4×6 photos, I’ve just bitten the bullet and I’m scanning photos for a time on my el cheapo Canon flatbed.  One of my biggest fears is losing all of these memories to a fire or some other catastophe.  One of my friends recently had her business office flooded.  Long stroy short, she lost a lot.  Its taken her several months to rebuild the suite and get back to a sort-of even keel.  And after hearing about the ordeal, I’ve been concerned with things that are irreplaceable in my house.  So, I’ve started digitizing as much as possible.  I have a wonderful online backup service that I use so everything that I’ve digitized will be pushed up to an online backup service where I can get to it, come whatever may…

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