Tobacco Heritage Festival

We visited the Horry County Museum over the weekend with Peyton for the Tobacco Heritage Festival. Papa and Gaga Sellers came into town on Friday. Jen and Papa Sellers went to get breakfast on Saturday morning and while driving through downtown, Jen spotted a bunch of antique tractors parked in the street beside the museum. My dad didn’t see it, so she promised to circle back that way while going home. A phone call later revealed that the museum was having Tobacco Heritage Days and the tractors were part of that. So we all loaded up and went down to look at the restored tractors. I’d never seen some of these before – some were actually early motors that ran grist mills and saw mills. We saw a couple that were like tractors I grew up with on the farm. There were certainly some great John Deere’s from the 50’s and 60’s on display. They also had bluegrass music, crafts and tobacco tying demonstrations. To say the least, my dad enjoyed it. We took a few photos which have been posted online. Hope you enjoy…

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