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Six years today

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary to my best friend. Its crazy to think how fast the past six years have flow by. The wedding just seems like yesterday. Its most definitely a milestone for us and we’re happy we’ve made it – happily – with six years under our belt now.

Six years ago there was no baby anywhere on our horizon. But time has mellowed us a little. And we’re happily the parents of a wonderful little girl, Peyton. She is the bright light of our lives – and over her grandparent’s, too. We’re so proud and nervous about being her parents, but we love her with all our hearts.

We have come a long way personally and professionally since 2002. Both of us are happy to report loving our jobs, today. We look forward to the challenges we get and after all these years, we share most every detail of our work day together and help each other get through any tough situations that occur. And that’s always been a constant. There have been times when we aren’t able to share and bounce things off each other. That normally leaves one or the other feeling a little lost – without our rock to stand on. And that is something I’m most proud of. We really are one. Its very hard to separate us sometime – as some of our friends know too well.

There is no big anniversary celebration to report about. We’ve spent our special weekend with close friends – catching up with two we haven’t seen in a while, celebrating a new house with another couple and their family, and supporting some very special friends at the passing of a loved one. And we were just thankful that we were able to be there with all of our friends — the adoptive family here in Myrtle. But Jen and I are looking forward to a special evening sometime soon at the Melting Pot. Jen won a gift certificate from a radio contest (yeah, another one… I dunno HOW she does it!). Just have to find a free night, which are hard to come by, and a baby-sitter.

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