Hard Rock Park baybeee!

That’s where we visited today… Hard Rock Park. Myrtle Beach’s own REAL theme park! We had a blast. Ok, where do I start?? Well, we had plans with Ang and Justin today but Justin was able to get a couple free passes to the park yesterday at an event he was working. So, we changed our plans to go check out the Hard Rock Park instead… And man, it was awesome. Led Zepplin – The Ride is by far their best ride. It is the coolest roller coaster I’ve been on in years. You start out in a screening room and get to watch a performance from Led Zepplin and then you flow right into your seat. A minute later you’re climbing a couple hundred feet in the air and that in and of itself is cool. You have views all the way to the ocean then over the top you go and if feels like a free-fall. Loops and corkscrews – it is a sweet ride. The park feels like Universal in Florida to me. We saw a couple of the shows, there are musicians dotted throughout performing all the day and there is something for every age. We’ll definitely be back…

And of course…. photos are in the .Mac Gallery

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