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End of April update

Not much happening this month… We have continued to work on the bathroom as we’ve had time – which isn’t much. We have been to different parks the past two weekends with Peyton and she absolutely loves playing on the slides and other toys… We have photos online of some of her fun. We also made it to the beach last weekend with Brett and Trina.

Grandma and Papa Sellers made it down this past weekend. They had a blast with Peyton as always. Peyton is growing and continues to wow us with new words and dances. She’s learning so much and so quickly. The daycare is teaching her all sorts of songs like “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Deep and Wide” and “Jesus Loves Me”. She also learned to say “no ma’mn,” something she apparently hears a lot from us… 🙂

Other than that, things have been mostly quiet and uneventful. We have been doing really well…

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