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Quick, quarantine the house!

That’s what the doctor could have said on Saturday. After working on the bathroom with Brett (ok, while watching Brett work on the bathroom), I went to the doctor to see what was ailing me. I told her that I was having problems and thought I either had an ear or sinus infection. She inspected my ear and said that didn’t really seem to be the problem. A little irriated maybe. She said open up – say Ahhh…. I did and the reply was quick – yeah, there’s the problem. A positive strep test later, she comes back and gives me the verdict. Great.

So I call and give the news to Jen. Turns out the cute little give Mommy kisses, give Daddy kisses trick we taught Peyton recently isn’t quite as cute when Daddy has strep throat. So, Jen does a 360 in the middle of 501 and heads for Doctor’s Care, too. Nevermind the errands she was running. The same doctor attends to her and Peyton. Verdict – a double ear infection for Peyton, a sinus infection for Jen.

Peyton and I were out of school/work yesterday to recover, but Jen was non-contageous and decided to work. We’ve used a couple cans of Lysol around the house trying to disinfect everything. But we all seem to be on the mend.

Actually, we didn’t know Peyton had any problems. She was user usual happy self so we had no idea she had an ear infection. We see that she’s inherited her mother’s and her grandfather Coffin’s tolerance for pain… She’s been great about taking her antibiotics and laying there for the ear drops – even though you can tell they feel funny to her.

Everyone is back at work or school today. And we all seem to be feeling much better. And we’re so glad!!!

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