News / Remodeling

Bathroom update

This weekend, Brett came over and put in the backer board for the tile around the tub. That is all ready to go and now we can do the rough in on the plumbing. I hope that we can get that taken care of this weekend. My uncle will be doing the connections for the plumbing once we get the rough in complete. Brett can proceed with the tile around the tub after the rough in and some other things are sorted out.

We also went shopping and got all of the tile for the floors and the tub. Its all in our garage now waiting for installation, but I have a few things that need sorting out before that.

I need to figure out what to do with the ceiling. I’m thinking of making it a flat ceiling, but we don’t have flat ceilings anywhere else in the house. And I don’t do drywall. Anyone know a good drywall person??

We went ahead and ripped out the sink and cabinets in the bathroom too so that we can get a better plan of what we need to do with the floors. I’ll take some pictures tonight and post the progress…

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