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Bathroom remodel

You may or may not know that Jen and I had our house listed for sale. We had decided to do this back last year in hopes of cashing out equity and building a house. Those plans didn’t work out, but we’re very happy with the outcome. Those lovely interest rates have been falling and we were able to get in on a good refinance of our home, getting both a good rate and shortening our loan period to 15 years. So, by the time Peyton is ready to go off to college, our house should be paid for.

Since we’re staying, we decided to cash out a little bit of equity to do some needed improvements. The two biggest are adding a bathtub in our house bath and adding a fence somewhere in the backyard.

See, item one is a funny thing. When we bought the house, we thought nothing of not having a bath tub in the house – just two showers. But when Peyton came home, we soon realized that the bathroom sink wouldn’t be big enough for long. She’s also outgrown the kitchen sink – well, maybe not outgrown, but she likes to splash too much for that to work… So we have begun redoing our bathroom. I have a gallery of photos so that you can follow the progress.

My dad came in town on Friday to help with this. He and I worked on this Friday and Saturday. And then we worked on it again yesterday all day before they went home. We’ve almost got it ready for tile. We plan to tile around the three walls that surround the tub. My distant cousin/friend Brett is going to be helping with that… Anyways, more on this project later.

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