February update

The days just keep flying by. We’ve had a busy month with visits from both Grandparents, trips and lots of new developments. Peyton said “I Love You” today while eating her dinner. She is so adoreable and she’s been trying to say this for a week or so now. But today, she said it very clearly. Jen and I were very excited. We both got to hear her say it. Its absolutely amazing.

Peyton is also teething. Teeth galore to show for this too. But she’s cranky because of it. She’s got molars, all of her front teeth and lots in between.

Our day started out with the annual Kiwanis pancake breakfast in Conway. We had a great time and got to see a lot of folks we don’t get to see often. We had a great time!

I’ve posted new photos in our .Mac photo gallery that I took today in front of the house. Peyton played outside for a little while today. I snapped a few shots her while she was in a good mood.

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