January update

January is quickly coming to a close.  Its been a while since I’ve posted a Peyton update – so here we go. 

First, Peyton is WALKING!.!  She’s walking well now and even starting to run a little.  Overall, she’s an extremely happy baby – she thinks everything is funny.  She’s into everything and curious about anything around her.  She loves anything with buttons – remotes, computers, phones.  She’s also drawn to anything that her mom or I have.   She’s learning to ‘talk’ on the phone too.  Her newest toy is our bedroom phone which she likes to pretend to talk on.  She will drag is around the house and carry on a full conversation with  whoever is on the other end… We’re still trying to figure out who she’s calling… 🙂

She’s starting to say some words.  She’s been saying Da Da and Ma Ma for a while.  Occassionally, we’ll hear Ga Ga or Pa Pa.  Nothing is really clear, but we know she understands.  She knows exactly what we mean when we say “go show this to Mama”  and she walks over to take it to her mother.   While riding the other weekend, she ran out of milk.  She had a second cup with Kool-Aid in it and her grandma asked her “Will you drink this?”  A quick “No” was the reply from Peyton!  We were all floored, because she doesn’t like the Kool-Aid – but she’s loving her milk!  We’re going through at least a gallon and a half each week these days. 

One of the coolest things is how Peyton gets ready for bed now.  She will play up until around 8:30 or 9:00 each night and when she gets tired, she buries herself into your lap with her blankey in hand.  If you ask her if its bedtime, she then curls up in your arms and begins waving bye-bye to her mom or me.  And, once she’s down, some nights she sings along with her crib music and then quietly to sleep.  Other nights, its just straight to sleep – but normally no crying at bed-time.  (Yes, we know we’re lucky!)

All in all, she’s growing fast.  She goes back for her 15-month shots early in February and she’s developing really well.  She’s a ham most of the time too.  She loves attention. 

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