Year in Review

2007 Year in Review

I can’t believe its time for a 2007 edition of the year in review. This year has just flown by.

Winter was mostly uneventful in 2007. Jen and I were busy adjusting to being parents – caregivers for someone other than ourselves. For two only children, that’s kind of a shock.

We welcomed in the new year with friends at our house.  We got a call to do something for New Years and offered up our house so that we can could stay put with the baby.  We were still too scared to venture far from home at this point.

At the end of January, we had a dedication ceremony for Peyton (Audio/Photos from the Ceremony/Photos from Lunch afterwards) at my home church in Cheraw. Jen’s parents were able to come down for the ceremony and weekend. We had a lot of Peyton’s adoptive aunts and uncles come up from Myrtle Beach with us for the special day. As you can hear in the recording, Peyton let everyone know she was there… And we figured out that day that she’s hot natured, just like her dad.

We spent most of our time focusing on Peyton and enjoying holding her. But that didn’t last for long. Peyton was definitely growing quickly. Doing new things all the time (February Photos/March Photos/April Photos).

By the time that summer rolled around, Peyton was beginning to roll over and take off on her own. She’d already decided that she had places to go and people to see. And literally, she has. She’s a well traveled one year old. She’s enjoyed weekends with her grandparents in Cheraw and she’s enjoyed special times with her grandparents from DC. She also had some special visitors and trips.

Grandma and Pa Sellers visit often and get to spend time with her. They also give Jen and I a few weekends off to sneak in a movie or sleep in…

Her great-aunt Patti came to visit in May. We visited the aquarium and did some other fun things while she was in town. Peyton was really enjoying her donut activity center thingie around this time… as you can see in video.

Grandma and Grandpa Coffin came in for a visit for Mother’s Day. It was very special. Peyton experienced a few firsts during that visit. She had her first visit to the beach. We visited the aquarium again. Peyton tried out the pool for the first time… We all had a great time!

June brought us warmer days and our five year anniversary.  We traveled to St. Augustine, Florida, for our anniversary.  We stayed in a great B&B on the bay – the Bayfront Prescott House.  We were able to spend a great night and day in the city.  We toured the city by horse and buggy – a surprise I setup for Jen.  But, we had to come back early because Peyton came down with her first real fever.  My parents had to take her to the emergency room and have her looked after.  Poor baby was running a high fever.  But all was well and she was doing much better within a couple days.

There was some more time in the pool. She loves bath time and the warm pool. She’s growing and smiling now! June also brought Father’s Day and I enjoyed my first one alot. July came and went quickly too. July 4th was fun and we enjoyed the outdoors and the beach as much as possible.

We also had our annual party after the fourth.  This year the name changed to ‘Summerfest.’  We had a great time playing the pool.  Even a little rain couldn’t keep us down.  We had fireworks after dark and I think everybody had a great time.

August came around the Peyton’s first tractor ride (Photos/Video) did too. We finally decided she was enough of a big girl to enjoy it. The short trips to Cheraw (about 2 hours) are good and Peyton does well in the car and we’re working our way up to longer trips.  We traveled north to Raleigh in August to see Emily and Jean Crawford.  We picked Raleigh because it was around half way between DC and Myrtle Beach.

In September, we traveled to Virginia Beach to see Beth and Hal Milgrim and Jen’s parents joined us there.  We had a great time seeing the sights, visiting the aquarium and visiting with Beth and Hal.  Jen and I had not seen them since our wedding, five years ago.

As summer was winding down, we enjoyed some time on the river with Ang and Justin.  We have gotta do that again next summer…

Peyton began crawling around August time.  But, as always, our child is her own little person.  We named her crawl the ‘crabby crawl.’  (Video) She also received a walker toy from her grandparents that she enjoyed (Video) – but only briefly.  She had plans of her own.   But the crawl didn’t last long.  Around the same time, Peyton discovered that she should stand – and shortly after – walk.  And she’s been into everything since.

October made it a year for Peyton.  She turned one on October 30.  But the festivities started much before that.  Two weeks before her birthday, I cashed in my father’s day gift and we went to Clemson homecoming.  We stayed the night in Greenville, SC, and were able to have breakfast with our friends, Lucas and Christie, there.  Then we drove back to Cheraw for Peyton’s first, first-birthday party with my family.

Peyton also had a birthday party at Tammy’s farm for all of our Myrtle Beach friends and family.  And since she was born day before Halloween, it was a costume party. Everyone had a blast and had fun with their costumes.  Jen’s parents were able to come down for the party and to spend a little extra time the following week.  We enjoyed Outback on Peyton’s actual birthday.

Peyton experienced her first real Halloween.  (Yes, technically it was her second, but she was only a day old – so it didn’t count…) We went over to Brett and Trina’s neighborhood and took Peyton trick-or-treating at a couple houses where we knew folks.  We were able to sit on their porch and enjoy all the children and their costumes.  Trina gave out over 300 baggies of candy that night…

November brought Thanksgiving and there is so much to be thankful for this year.  It has been an amazing and a healing year.  I think our little family is the happiest its been in a long while.  Peyton  is the light of our life.  She’s the best child we could possibly ask for.  We’ve found closure with things that were bothering us the last time I wrote.  We have a wonderful ‘family’ in Myrtle Beach surrounding us and amazing family elsewhere.  We’re very lucky and thankful to have wonderful people around us.  Jen and I are both very happy in our jobs and with our co-workers.  We’re in a better financial situation this year, also.

We are continuing to try and find a new church home.  We’ve tried a lot of different places this year, but none felt like home.  We took a break and held our own church on the beach during the summer.

We’ve decked the halls and are now awaiting Christmas.   Peyton likes the Christmas lights and we know she’s going to be big enough to really participate and enjoy this Christmas.  We have plans to travel north to see Jen’s family in New Hampshire and let her grandfather meet Peyton for the first time next month.  We’re excited to make that trip and see family we haven’t seen in a couple years.

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