Peyton’s First Steps!!!!

She took her first step on Saturday, August 8, 2007!  It really was only two steps, but you can see the bravery written on her face.  This baby shows no fear.  She will be running soon enough.  We were so thrilled and teary-eyed, knowing that our baby girl is growing up.

She had also gotten an ear infection this week and stayed home a few days with an upper-respiratory infection.  Philip’s parents came in town to help out so we could work.  She didn’t act sick one bit though!  Peyton is as happy as can be, laughing and playing and scooting around with her “crabby-crawl” as it has become named.  Yes, she crawls with one foot tucked and the other doing all the work.  It is quite unique, but it gets her to her destination!  Hey, whatever works!

One thought on “Peyton’s First Steps!!!!

  1. Congratulations!!! Welcome to the next phase in your life. In a couple weeks, Peyton will be more mobile(read: faster), and taller, and in places, you might never have dreamed…
    But it is all still a joy. Hope Peyton get her infections cleared up soon.


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