Peyton’s Dedication Ceremony – Jan. 28, 2007

Peyton Victoria Sellers was dedicated at Brocks Mill Baptist Church in Cheraw, SC on January 28, 2007 by Rev. Jerry Rushing. She wore a beautiful pink floral dress and was wrapped in a personalized blanket.

Family and friends who were there included Grandma and Grandpa Coffin, Grandma and Pa Pa Sellers, Godparents Brett and Trina Stafford, Sam Lisenby, Regis Minerd, Angela and Justin Jordan, Hope and Josh Harris, Virginia and Kenny Sellers, Janice and Bobby Brown, Cindy Brock, the Brock kids, Grandma Hancock, Wes and Kim Brock and Sandra and Grady Tucker and many other friends and family members.

After the special ceremony, we ate at The River’s Edge! We have many pictures at the photo gallery.   A sound clip will be coming soon!

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