Doctor Visits / News

2-Month Doc Appt; Peyton weighs 11 lbs.

What a night and it isn’t over yet! Peyton had her 2-month doctor’s appointment this afternoon. She was all smiles in the waiting room and I felt so guilty! The good news is that she is “healthy as a horse” according to the doctor and she weighs 11 lbs and 5 oz. However, the sad news is that Peyton was due for 4 shots in the legs and one vaccine by mouth. She didn’t take any very well and cried out in pain for a long time. After we got home, she fell asleep for a couple hours and then woke up crying. She was hungry and then very uncomfortable and irritable. After a warm bottle, she continued to cry out in such pain. I called the doctor in panic and he said to give her liquid tylenol and put warm washcloths on her legs, which had begun to swell. She didn’t have a fever, thank goodness! Peyton fell asleep again for a couple of hours, but I’m expecting a long night with a sad, hurting baby. She had quite a day. Daddy is planning to be there for the next round of shots at 4 months in March.

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