News / Planning

Nursery update

Well, a lot has been added in the nursery.  First, a friend of ours, Hope, came and painted a mural around the window in the nursery.  She did a ton of research on flowers, their meanings and colors.  The mural incorporates a view of flowers and ivy that spell out the word LOVE.  Jen and I were both so impressed with how much time she spent planning this, drawing it out and looking up the flowers online.  Anyways, had to share a photos… Thanks Hope!  She completed this a couple weeks ago, but finally got photos of it…

Hope's Wall

We have also been adding a lot of things from showers into the room.  Jen also got some things from this week with her mom and we need to get it all setup.  Right now, its all kinda in the middle of the floor.  Just being out of town all week has set us back…  Oh, well, til next time.  Its getting close now!

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