The belly dance

No, Jen hasn’t been belly dancing, but her belly has been dancing… does that make any sense? Peyton is moving and elbowing and stretching inside there and making Jen’s stomach do all kinds of funny things.  She was sitting on the couch last night and you could just see it moving around – its not normal looking.  You’re used to seeing a belly rise and fall while you’re breathing, but this just looks unnatural… 🙂

I just completed a week’s worth of training in Atlanta and have returned home to find the belly has definately grown.  We went shopping again this weekend to find some bigger clothes for Jen.  She’s had a really tough time finding pants that work for her.  She has a theory that the designer of the materinity clothes at Target hasn’t been pregnant in a really long time – cuz none of them work for her.  She’s had the hardest time finding jeans that fit.  She has some stretchy crop pants that have worked during the whole pregnancy and those are about the best she can find lately.

We have some photos from the baby showers and we’ll be posting those online soon.

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